Saturday, January 3, 2009

Viral Watch: Because We Can

42 Below, the premium vodka brand from New Zealand, unleashed its theme Because We Can with a series of coordinated guerilla artistic acts in Australia & New Zealand. Sydney-based Glue Society were the brains behind these acts. Some of the stunts included erecting a rainbow made of chairs, filling a beach with swimsuited dolls and leaving a street full of cars wrapped in christmas paper.

The artistic happenings apparently generated a lot of buzz for 42 Below. This success emboldened them to extend the theme with a Becausewecan viral website. The site encourages people to upload videos that capture the spirit of the theme. USD 4200 is dished out every month as the prize for the best video. The viral seems to have caught on. People have started uploading interesting videos. I particularly liked the coffee art video. The Vodka connect may seem vague. But does the product matter when the brand theme is strong? Think about it.

Posted by Anantha.

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