Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pitch Lingo

It’s pitching season. So on the lighter note, a few coinages to add to your lingo.

Pitch-ai (original tamil meaning: alms): What clients dole out as retainer after calling for a multi-agency, multi-city pitch.

Pitchu-mani (tamil name): refers to the stalwart of all pitches. Usually the studio guy who pastes all the layouts

Pitchandi (beggar-mendicant): what agencies are reduced to after spending on every pitch in the city

Pitchu-pudungal (nuisance) – the nagging that happens pre and post pitch

Pitchaikaaran (beggar) – the man turned on by pitches, the idea of pitching, the idea of taking 10 concepts to a meeting. English equivalent – son of a pitch!

Pitchitay (tearing something) – super pitch, the client declared you the winner in the meeting itself.

Pitch report – frantic calling of all ex-colleagues; acquaintances and media guys to find out who else is pitching, when and whether or not Piyush is flying down!

Pitchuko (tear your hair out) – what client and account planning expects of creative, once the brief is handed over

More contributions awaited!

Posted by Niru.


Übermaniam said...

Good one. My humble additions:

1.Pitch kitsch: the tons of creative work of all kinds that gets thrown into the pitch bag in an attempt to woo the prospective client with quantity and, of course, quality.

2. Muchu pitchu: An attractive pitching destination.

Meera said...

hahaha. Nice one.

High Pitch: The pitch went bad and the big wigs decided to have a "chat".

Übermaniam said...

And then there's Pitch Bitch: The person that always gets called in to work on Pitches. (Usually someone from Mumbai, I suppose.)