Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Reader Reads Beautifully

If you can get past the sexuality and nudity of the first 25 minutes, the Reader reveals its gloriously lyrical side. Like a poem, this film flits between past and present, action and consequences, love and hatred, only to have all the threads coming together in the last half. Kate Winslet (nominated for ‘Best Actress) is outstanding throughout. Her transition from brisk, businesslike woman to vulnerable elderly prison inmate is simply brilliant. Ralph Fiennes is fast becoming the man of all seasons, he moves through the movie effortlessly. Elegant camerawork and excellent craftsmanship in all departments, just enhance your experience of a story that takes you to the most unexpected places (no spoilers here). Take two hours off to spend with the Reader. But if you belong to the “Van Damme Thank You Mam” school of film goers, sorry boys.

Posted by Niru.

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√úbermaniam said...

Plus, it's got 25 minutes of nudity! awesome.