Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 'My Name is Cannes' Award

Ok. Assuming you are jobless and have all the time in the world to jog your memory, who, according to you, is the one Indian who can legitimately claim to have the maximum number of metals at Cannes? I am not talking of borrowed glory metals here (where the creative director's name appears without physically contributing to the piece). My gut feel is it's Kash Sree. It could even be Ali Shahbaz (now in Singapore) or Santosh Padhi. Kash Sree's website says, "1 Grand Prix, 3 Golds, 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes". So can we announce him as the winner of the 'My name is Cannes' award? Or do you have any juicy insider info to challenge this claim?

Posted by Anantha.


Anonymous said...

it's got to be kash by miles. nobody else has won grand prix at cannes or silver at d&ad

murali said...

Stuart D'Rozario can also stake a claim here. He's won most of the bigger awards. Following him closely would be Raj Kamble. Not a Cannes Grand Prix winner I suppose, but has won the other metals.