Sunday, August 16, 2009

Campaign of the Week: Scientology Know Yourself

We all have seen how religions sell themselves. We've felt the subtle hand of the missionary in charity. We've heard the muezzin's call fill the air. We've watched a bearded man propogate the word through breathing sessions, Now everything's gonna change. Soft sell will give way to hard sell. Because a new kid on the block has just upped the ante. Scientology has embraced TV advertising like never before. Yes, Tom Cruise's cult has just unleashed 3 slickly produced commercials on CNN. It's religion packaged like a brand. I was very tickled when I saw it. I am curious to see how the cross, the crescent and the lotus reacts. Creatively it's no hot shakes. Just well-edited visuals with a philosophical narration. But what I liked is the sheer gall to cause a stir.

More commercials here and here.

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