Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Harris – man of the moment

With AR Rehman doing fewer and fewer Kollywood projects, the scramble for numero uno down south has never been hotter. And the winner, post diwali, is clearly Harris Jeyraj. Combining ARR's new age sound with an Ilayaraja like sense of melody, he's clearly the one to make Tamilians rock. From Minnalae onwards, the man with the Kalaam like hairstyle (now that Rehman is back to the cropped look) hasn't looked back. And a steady partnership with Surya and Gautam Menon has only helped. With both Ayan and Aadhavan going on to top the charts. For those of you who like good music, solid orchestration and tunes you can actually sing, check out Harris' hits on www.raaga.com.

Posted by Niru.

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